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Physical Fitness

The physical, emotional, mental and social benefits of exercise and physical fitness make it one of the most healthy activities in which a person can partake. The following is just some of the proven benefits:
  1. Keeps muscles strong and body toned

  2. Helps maintain ideal body weight

  3. Is a natural antidepressant

  4. Helps relieve stress

  5. Keeps you from doing other things that may be less healthy (like sitting on the couch eating)

  6. Has been shown to stimulate and maintain cognitive function, particularly in the elderly who may be losing these functions

  7. Prevents heart attacks

  8. Is a good avenue for social interaction with other health conscious individuals

  9. Can take you places you never dreamed of being (like to mountain tops, flying in the sky, diving the oceans, etc.)

  10. Can serve a meditative function for the body, and sometimes make you feel closer to G-d.

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