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Why pursue health? This is sort of an oxymoron, maybe, for why would anybody not? Certainly to feel better. We all want to feel well, and feel better, especially when we're not feeling our best. Pursuing deliberate steps for better health will certainly make you healthier. It will make you stronger, not just physically but emotionally as well. It'll make you feel younger in the sense that you'll age less rapidly, and there are even some things in the aging process that can be reversed. You'll be calmer, as you won't have to deal with the stress of illness or worry about becoming ill. You'll be happier as you'll have less tendency to depression. I think that everybody admits or knows that chronic illness and even acute illness to some extent is associated with depression. And finally, improved self esteem comes from a healthier feeling body. Everybody seems to want to live longer; that's something that health brings. And, in a more spiritual sense, it's my opinion that it is part of the purpose of our human existence to keep our bodies healthy. You can even think that we are borrowing these bodies, that our lives are on loan from some greater being or some greater place and it's really our duty to maintain the body as best that we can.

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