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Do not confuse hunger with appetite or thirst. We have a hunger center and a thirst center in our hypothalamus in our brain, and they sit right next to one another. Sometimes the stimuli to one of these centers flow over to the other one. So, sometimes when we're thirsty, we end up eating to try to get rid of the thirst, and that doesn't work, it just makes us more thirsty. So, ask yourself, "Am I thirsty or hungry? And if hungry, what am I hungry for?" Just stop a second, and usually you can figure that out.

Avoid calorie-containing fluids. I believe that, in general, we all tend toward eating too much rather than too little. Why not let the food have the calories we need rather than the liquids which empty quickly from our stomachs, thereby not allowing us to feel full even though they contain calories? The other problem is that for the most part the fluids that have calories are carbohydrates, sugar primarily. And especially because they flow out of the stomach quickly, they exacerbate all the problems with carbohydrates we just talked about. I think it is mainly purified, toxin-free water we should drink, as that is our body's (and the world's) natural liquid.

Recognize when eating has continued beyond its caloric purpose and employ methods to stop. Thanksgiving is the best example I can think of how we overeat. But we actually can intervene. Sometimes we have to say "You know what? I think I have eaten enough. I think it's time for this meal to end." You might have to say "I have to get out of the kitchen." and push yourself away from the table. You might have to say "I'm going to go brush my teeth. This meal's got to end" and that's one way to do it. Sometimes, if you're still hungry, instead of eating more, drink some water or a hot liquid. Being hot actually suppresses appetite.

If adequate calorie control and overall nutrition is the issue, you have to eat with your head and not just with your gut. What I'm trying to do is provide you some facts that your head can use.

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