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Dr. Kenny Davin Fine
The World's Only Physician-Musician on a Mission

Thank you for your continued interest in Dr Fine's Oro-Intestinal Fitness Products. We are currently converting our online store to a real brick and mortar store that will also take phone orders. In the mean time, please email your product requests with your name, shipping address and phone number to the following email address: email@theorganicalternative.com
Use the word "ORDER" in the Subject Line. Thank you again!

"What Happened to the
Goodness" Music Video
Speaking & Singing for
Your Health, Happiness & Hope!

6 Tenets of FinerHealth
Click on Each of the Round Icons for a short Educational video by Dr. Fine for each tenet.

Proper Diet Proper Diet

Eat mainly a healthful combination of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy meats (optional)

Sleep Adequate Sleep

Get adequate sleep (7-9 hrs at night when it is dark)

Happiness Being Happy

Laugh and be happy and grateful daily

Love Existing in Love

Exist with love in your heart (love yourself and "thy neighbor")

Creativity Being Creative

Be creative regularly according to your given purpose

Spiritual Health Spiritual Health

Nurture your soul with spiritual vibrancy

If you desire to watch all 6 Tenet videos together, please CLICK HERE

FinerHealth Mall Online

Dr. Fine's EnteroLab and Gluten Sensitivity TV Special Kenny Davin Fine's FinerHealth Revolution TV Special
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