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Ten Steps to FinerHealthTM and Nutrition

  1. Eat wisely for proper nutrition, energy, and optimal intestinal and overall health

  2. Get adequate sleep, following a regular sleep/wake cycle that works best for you (sleeping for at least 8 hours during the darkness of night and arising about sun-up is best for most)

  3. Exercise daily, preferably outside in the sun

  4. Utilize non-medicinal methods of stress reduction daily (particularly exercise, meditation, prayer, and if necessary, stress avoidance)

  5. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, or other mood altering substances

  6. Practice methods of good oral hygiene (regular brushing and flossing)

  7. Minimize exposure to, or if possible, avoid environmental toxins in food, water, and air

  8. Take measures to play and laugh regularly, and to feel happy, grateful, and positive about your life and your self

  9. Help others and practice the “Golden Rule”

  10. Seek calm, peace, humility, simplicity, love, and G-d's will in your life

Details about how to employ these 10 steps to improve your health and nutrition can be attained via consultation with Dr. Fine and in an

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