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The Mission of This Website; About the Author

This Website was conceived and personally funded by Dr. Kenneth Fine as a means of delivering the benefits of his clinical experience and medical research dealing with nutrition, food sensitivity, and inflammatory intestinal disorders, and his personal experience as a health-conscious active individual to as many people as can possibly benefit.

The mission of this site is to function as a public service to help people achieve optimal intestinal and overall health and nutrition through education, and assumption of healthy lifestyle habits. It is strictly to benefit public health.

Kenneth Fine, M.D. is a board certified internal medicine doctor and gastroenterologist, professionally involved in patient care, medical research, and teaching for 25 years.

Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Fine: Singing and Songwriting for Health

The Health and Nutritional information contained in this Website is based on scientific facts, medical research, and the personal and professional experiences of Dr. Kenneth D. Fine. It is provided as a free public service. It does not constitute medical diagnosis or treatment, and should not be construed or used as such.

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